I have been doing some testing on OpenRPG and Ventrilo. It was only possible for me at this time to test the servers on local network, if anybody is up for some long range testing please write in the comments.

What I noticed while testing is that there is a problem with OpenRPG to windows, or I had a problem. I couldn’t update it to version 1.8.0, which I run on the server that is Linux based. The only solution I found to this was to download the source files (Linux/Mac version) and then open it through the Python GUI, but then there was a problem with typing for all non GMs. This could be a mistake I made, but then I don’t know how to fix it.

But the testing on Ventrilo was just awesome. I first tried to run it on the same Linux computer as the OpenRPG server will run on, but for some reason it didn’t work. But on a Windows computer i just ran like it was in oil

You can read more internal information here and here

2 Responses to “Testing”
  1. Brakash says:

    sounds interesting!
    i will help to test it as soon as this damn war in eve online gives me time to do it

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